Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to filter posts in community server blogs using multiple tags?

In this post I will be showing you to filter posts in community server blogs page using multiple tags.

The process is a lot more than simple. Following are the steps.

1. Open you main blog page (Themes\[themename e.g hawii]\blogs\postlist.aspx) in any text Editor.

2. Find weblogpostlist control. There you will find queryoverrides section. Just modify the this section and place you required tags in TAGS property (comma seperated) and then set LogicallyOrTags property to true.
For example I want to show only those posts on page which are tagged with "MyTag1" and "MyTag2", I would place the following query in that section.

Now the page will show only those posts which are tagged with atleast one of these tags.
Note: If you are changing tags of posts in Tags Editor then it takes sometime to update so you must reload page more than once.

You can ask frankly if there is any dificulty. :)

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